Summer picnic and Baptism
ALL are invited to our annual picnic and baptism at Cedar Lake Camp from 1pm-5pm. Enjoy fellowship, swimming, canoeing, (bring your lunch, this is a family event). Directions are available in the foyer.

Life Stream @ CCBB
Please sign up in the foyer for Wednesday, August 16, 10am-3pm if you would like to give blood at our annual Life Stream bloodmobile. You can give the gift of life!

The House
Young Adults (17-20 something) Please join our bible study, worship & fellowship, Thursdays @ 6:30pm at Goose’s home. For directions call 909-659-9590.

Youth Outreach at BB Air Fair
Our youth will have a booth & outreach at the upcoming Big Bear Air Fair on August 26th. If you would like to donate a case(s) of water to be given out free (we put scripture labels on each bottle) please leave in the church office..

Sunday Morning Youth Class
Attention to our Youth - We have a 2nd service youth class (12-16) on Sunday mornings in the Youth Rm –115. Please join us for teaching, worship and fun!!

Daily Bible Reading Program -7 Days Blended OT/NT
Psalm 51-53, Psalm 54-56, Psalm 57-59 & Acts 21, Psalm 60-62 & Acts 22, Psalm 63-65, Psalm 66-67 & Acts 23, Psalm 68-69 & Acts 24