Thank you for visiting the Calvary Chapel of Big Bear Christian School.

We offer many resources for all of our parents to help them educate children in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.

Mission Statement:

Calvary Chapel Big Bear Christian School, as a ministry of Calvary Chapel Big Bear, exists for the purpose of assisting parents in their responsibility of biblically training the child “in the way he should go.” Academic excellence, fine arts, and service programs serve as a means to an end in preparing young people to serve Christ and His kingdom. CCBBCS students are encouraged and expected to be disciplined and Christ-honoring in word and deed.

Our Vision

Our Mission at CCBBCS is to glorify Christ and serve Him by providing services designed to aid and assist families seeking to homeschool. God has placed upon our hearts the need of a homeschool umbrella and a desire to encourage parents as they partake in this mighty ministry of home education. The goal of our homeschool umbrella is to encourage and support Christian families in the education of their children and to help preserve their religious liberty to do so.

What We Offer

We offer umbrella protection, unencumbered by the secular state or federal government.

Record keeping, attendance records, report cards, student activities, student service opportunities, and promotion ceremonies. As well as curriculum guidance and mentoring.


 • Field trips

 • Student holiday celebrations

In a 1972 court case, Wisconsin vs. Yoder, Justice E. Harold Hallows wrote, “We view this case as involving solely a parent’s right of religious freedom to bring up his children as he believes God dictates.”

Enrollment Information

2023 - 2024 School Year


• Completed registration application

• In-person interview

• HSLDA membership (upon acceptance into school)

• Homeschool Reporting Online membership (upon acceptance into school)

Fees Breakdown

$175/yr per family

Includes administration fee, CCBBCS CHEA membership, CCBBCS website maintenance, testing proctor, graduation ceremony (food not included), and use of property.

$25/student surcharge for high school students due to the additional record requirements.

$120/yr per family required HSLDA membership fee.

$20/yr per family required Online Reporting membership fee.

$30(apx.)/student testing fee - will be confirmed prior to purchase.

Testing is mandatory for 4th - 11th grades.

Failure to comply will result in expulsion of the child(ren) the following school year.

2023 - 2024 Homeschool Activities and Important Dates

Registration opens: June 1, 2023

Registration deadline: September 1st

Semester 1 grades due: Dec 31st

Semester 2 grades due: June 14th

Testing: April 22-25

Promotion/Graduation: May 28th, 2024 

• 180 days of attendance required

*Please note that dates may be subject to change.

 Monitor your email for more details